The Universal Jazz Symphonette 
featured artists: 
Earl Freeman,Danny Carter,Raphe Malik,William Parker,Billy Bang 

Steve Reid - "Rhythmatism"
featured artists: 
Arthur Blythe, Charles Tyler 

David Wertman - "Kara Suite"
featured artists: 
Charles Tyler, Steve Reid 

Steve Reid - "Odyssey Of The Oblong Square"
featured artists: 
Arthur Blythe, Charles Tyler,Ahmed Abdullah, Steve Reid 

New Life  - "Visions Of The Third Eye"
featured artists: 
Brandon Ross,Steve Reid 

The Sun Ensemble - "Earthly Delights" 
My group - original music 

The Sun Ensemble - "Wide Eye Culture"
my group - original music 

The Sun Ensemble - "Up In The Sky" 
my group - original music 

Winds Of Change 
featured artists:Tony Vacca, Tim Moran 

Winds Of Change - "Far East Subway Blues"

Lynne Meryl - "You Are My Love"

Lynne Meryl  & David Wertman  - "Blessing Of Love"

Heartsong - "Garden Of Delights"

Michael William Gilbert - "The Call"

Abbey Rader's Right Time - "Ararat Maiden"

Arthur Barron - "It's Strange"

Arthur Barron / Hilton Riuz
featuring Pete Minger 

Richard Brookins - "Svadharma"
featuring Abbey Rader, Nicole Yarling 

Chris Renyolds "Swing n' Jazz Band
featuring Pete Minger 

Dennis Noday Orchestra - "Tribute To Stan Kenton

Duffy Jackson - "Songs For The Season"

Richard Shann - "Plagiarism A Parody"

Richard Shann - "Shann-Man Live"

David Wertman - "Forest Dance"

The Universal Sounds Of America
featuring Brandon Ross and Steve Reid 

The Spirit Ensemble - "World Peace And Prayer Day"
my original music with featured artists: 
Lynne Meryl, Jack Pezanelli, Ken LaRoche, Paul Leiberman 

Lynne Meryl - "Live At The Riverwalk"

David Wertman & Lynne Meryl - "New Earth"

Bob Havins - "Jack Teagarden Remembered"  
( Greater Florida Jazz  & Swing Club CD series )
featuring Lou Columbo 

The Genius of Rio Clemente
( Greater Florida Jazz  & Swing Club CD series )
featuring Jay Corre 

David Wertman - "Floating In The Clouds"

Lynne Meryl - "Put On A Happy Face"

Songs From The Pioneer Valley Massachusetts
 (Smithsonian Records compilation of Folk Music Artists) 

Jennifer Gaffney - "Sugar and Spice"

Mary Witt - "Dance With Me"


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Musicians I've Had The Pleasure To Share The Stage With.....Photo Gallery

Age Garcia - "Alabastro"
featuring Neal Backman 

"North Country Pie" ( Kohlhase, Wertman, Grassi )
featuring Charlie Kohlhase, Lou Grassi 

The Spirit Ensemble -  "May The Spirit Be With You"
featuring Ken LaRoche 

Tony Messina  -  " Live "

The Duffy Jackson Big Band - " Duffy's Greatest Kicks "

David Wertman -    " Spiritman - Exotica "

Quartet till the End Of Time -
 featuring Chris Bakriges, Jonny Johansson, Lou Grassi  

Songs of World Peace Vol.1
a collection of original music by artists for World Peace  

The Ethel Lee Ensemble - "An Evening In September"

David Wertman -   "Adventures In Sonority" 

Ellen Cogen  -        "Listen To The Moonlight"

The Ron Freshley Quintet -     "Flights"

Eric Bascom -     "No Enemy" 
featuring; Ted Levine, Jeff Holmes, Billy Arnold